How to see any attempts to access LoRaWAN network

Hi, I’m trying to debug a Yabby tag sending to a RAK7243 (Raspberry pi hat) gateway. I’m not seeing any join activity on the chirpstack UI. Is there a way to see if the gateway is receiving anything from the tag?

I’ve searched the board for how to look at log files. Most of the responses are not applicable to my gateway. For example, I have no LoRA directories in /etc. Also, I tried to run monit. When I do so the pi respods that the monit interface is not available and tells me to used the set httpd command, etc. The help file for monit does not mention these. So if the answer is to run monit, would you also explain how to use the commands?

Thank you,
Jeff W.

I’m not running on RPis, but generally I would either look at the packet forwarder debug log on the gateway, or the live LoRaWAN frames tab for the gateway in the ChirpStack web UI.


Nothing shows up on the live LoRaWAN frames display when I use the Yabby tag. (I do see them when I use a different vendor’s tag). I’m extremely new to chirpstack. Would you send me the commands I need to send to be able to see the packet forwarder debug log?

Sorry, I’m not running on RPis.

Thanks anyway and the quick responses

first make sure that the device is working properly.

Tail the logs of the network server running on the PI. If you don’t see anything it can be a channel misconfiguration or the end node.