How to series about adding first gateway and nodes - video or document?

i just follow and installed loraserver to my raspberry pi,

now i just try to install my gateway and node to loraserver but it some complex for first time…

is there how to video or document series to add loraserver on my raspberry pi?

for example gateway mac , node eui or etc…

i just copy datas from ttn but there is no data trarffic any…

thanks for now

@Haluk_YILMAZ, I am going through a similar pain!
In my case, after I followed the installation instruction with success, I kind of went through the process of adding gateways and devices in a relatively intuitive way. When I tried to add a device and I received a message saying I had no “device profile”, I created a device profile first. And so it went…
When it comes to adding a device, use the option “generate xxxx” (for network session key, application session key and device address) and then use these numbers to configure your device (in my case I had to type in those numbers in my device source code and recompile using the Arduino IDE).
I hope this helps a bit.

sure friend

im using lmic for nodes is it correct choice?

i just use sample lmic and i get delay as ttn network is it nromal?

That works for me too. I am using LMIC from
That screenshot you took from the gateway interface, right?

yes but delay is pretty much… can you share a simple lmic code? for example on off light or send dht11 value

its delays so much :frowning:

I am using the ttn-abp.ino example from this library:
It is a program that transmits a “Hello, world!” message only once, when you boot. If you need it to transmit again you have to reboot your device. It super simple but enough to test.
Note that I found in the hard way that when you create a device in the Lora App Server (web interface) you have to select the ‘disable the frame counter validation’, otherwise the Lora Server will ignore further messages because the frame counter is reset in your device when you boot it (using the program above).
This thread is my recent experience with this problem: