How to set context path


I am using the docker-compose file and configuration files found on Chirpstack GitHub to set up network server, application server, etc. in Docker.

By default, the application server can be accessed through e.g:


I am looking for a way to set a context path (e.g. /myapp), so that the above URLs would change to:


How can I configure the application server to achieve this?
How can I configure the network server to use this context path in it’s requests to the application server?

Thanks in advance.

This has been asked before. This is not configurable.

Thank you for your answer.

For the sake of completeness, I think you refer to the following topic I did not find before:
Running application behind reverse proxy with subpath

@brocaar Are you planning to provide this feature in a future release?

If somebody would look into this, then I would welcome contributions. However, my requirement would be that this would not add too much complexity to the codebase.