How to set the specific params for Downlink frames?

Hello everybody,
I am trying to specify bw/sf/cr for downlink frames, how should I do?
Which items in TOML file shoule be used?
Thanks a lot


  • gatewayID:“aa555a0000000597”
  • frequency:869525000
  • power:20
  • modulation:“LORA”
  • :arrow_forward:

loRaModulationInfo:{} 4 keys
*** bandwidth:125**
** * spreadingFactor:12**
** * codeRate:“4/5”**

  • polarizationInversion:true
  • board:0
  • antenna:0
  • timing:“IMMEDIATELY”
  • immediatelyTimingInfo:{} 0 keys
  • context:“AKV/fI6nBQA=”

All these parameters are managed by ChirpStack Network Server. If you want to manually send a downlink frame, have a look at the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge: