How to set time and date on LoraServer OS


I have the full LoraServer OS loaded on an sd card inserted into a Lorix One gateway.

The linux OS is stripped right down so none of the normal commands to set date and time are available.

How does one set the date and time on the OS?

If it is time sync issue, you might need to implement your own ntp client to sync the date/time to
If it is RTC issue, you should change your HW design to add the RTC

I would love to implement an NTP client but the operating system has been stripped down to the point that it seems that is not easily possible.

I have asked the question in a separate thread on how to rectify that, but so far have not been able to proceed further with the suggested set of actions. I’m not really a linux developer or expert so the learning curve is proving to be steep.


Perhaps if I ask the question in a different way, that might trigger a useful response?

On the Loraserver OS, how does one set the date and time without using the usual Linux commands such as “timedatectl set-time” or activating NTP, both of which are not available on that OS?

After thumbing through the Lorix One manual, I found that it had an “opkg” package handler installed which is similar to apt.

I used that to list the packages on the OS and found that nap was indeed installed (I thought it wasn’t).

So I’ve now configured ntp, started the service and solved the problem.