How to set up private LoRaWAN Gateway network?

I’d like to set up private LoRaWAN Gateway network on Raspberry Pi 3.

I have Seeed LaRaWAN Gateway 915 MHz for Raspberry Pi and RAK Wireless RAK831 Pilot Gateway.

I am considering wiping out the SD card and start fresh with LoRa Server, LoRa App Server and LoRa Gateway OS.

Or do I need Ubuntu Laptop as the LaRa Server and LaRa App Server with LoRaWAN Gateway on Raspberry Pi 3?

I want to have 20-30+ or more Raspberry Pi Zero client devices connected to this LoRaWAN private network.

I am willing to pay simple nominal fee for this expertise, knowledge transfer and time work efforts.

Thank you,

At least use new cards and save the originals to refer back to if you have trouble with the hardware setup.

The RAK831 should be a pretty standard setup, it’s pretty much just the SX1301 chip and associated circuitry, ie, your classic SPI concentrator card.