How to start with Chirpstack?

I am new to Chirpstack.
I have Lorawan IOT Sensor Node SN50v3-LB
Waveshare Sx 1302 915 M Lorawan Gateway Hat Compatible With Raspberry Pi

I want to setup a Chirpstack to receive data from them because I found it opensouce. I want to replace TTN (TheThingsNetwork)
I need to know from where I need to get start.
Do I need to install something in Raspberry Pi or anything else?

ChirpStack OS can run on an RPi as either a full ChirpStack LNS or as just a gateway. That’s probably the best place to start given what you have for hardware.

OT: Personally, for getting started from scratch, I recommend chirpstack-docker, an off-the-shelf (OTS) gateway, and an OTS device. Once you get that working and all the moving parts understood, then you can move on to programming your own device or assembling your own gateway.

I searched and found that I can use docker for it I installed it at my machine.
I need to know is their any configuration required in RasspberryPi or Sensor Node for it?

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As @bconway already recommended, a good start would be using the ChirpStack Gateway OS. This is the easiest way to setup a Raspberry Pi as a LoRa gateway. You could use the Docker Compose example, but then you would still need to setup your Raspberry Pi as a LoRa gateway, which might include enabling SPI, UART interface, setting up the correct reset pin config etc…