How to tell the example is working


I’m developing an embedded application while our client, in theory, produces a working Chirpstack server. Since I will be waiting an indeterminate amount of time, I’m trying to get my own FUOTA deployments going. The server seems to work, I can pass uplinks and downlinks. The Docker window says Chirpstack FUOTA component is working. I then built the example project in Chirpstack-Fuota-Server after changing the parameters to suit my needs. Running the resulting .exe eventually nets me “deployment created: ”. I’m looking for evidence as to what I’ve accomplished.

Should I have gotten a downlink on my device already? Can I see something on the server web page? Am I fundamentally confused on what Chirpstack FUOTA Server actually does?

Edit 1: In the time it took to get my post approved, I found out that my FUOTA service was badly set up. Now I can see on the server’s output that the server is in-fact taking the deployment request, and that the request simply can’t be completed because of a bad request. If I can’t solve it, do I open a new topic or should I update this?