How to troubleshoot Downlinks

Hi there,
So I’m testing a first Downlink. The sensor that we have for testing is a Dragino LHT65, and I prepared a very basic payload that I submitted using the GUI. But even though the sensor has sent multiple Uplinks, the Downlink is still showing in the Downlink Queue (being a class A sensor it is supposed to open 2 receive slots after each Uplink). So I wonder what are the usual steps, logs, traces, etc, to check for Downlink issues.

I still have a few details to polish with this setup, like:

  • Not losing Uplinks from the sensor, sometimes I get two or three at the expected period, and then I don’t get anything for a while.
  • All of them show as “Unconfirmed”, need to check if that’s ok.
  • Under device profile, need to be sure about “LoRaWAN Regional Parameters revision”, and “ADR algorithm” (which I still need to find where to add more if needed).

I appreciate any inputs you can give me.

Unconfirmed - Fire and forget type of message
Confirmed - The receiver acknowledges the message. You want to use this if you really really really need each message. It uses more air-time which means you wont be able to send as often. Remember, the gateway is also just a node, so it also has a limited “air-time” per day.

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