How to troubleshoot `get device-session error: invalid MIC`

I red all forum posts on the topic and triple checked the net and session keys so really out of ideas now.

Wondering what would be the steps to manually check if the data is encoded/decoded properly by using the net and sess keys.

Or enable some additional debug logs to troubleshoot the issue.

The same gw has another identical tag which works absolutely fine which makes me thinks that the issue is not with the profile or lora settings.

trying this tool, but it always returns mic error even for the tag that works.

I am taking the data from the bytes field from the LoraWan logs

You can also check the LoRaWAN version you specified in the device profile. I have had similar issues because the wrong version configured.


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yeah I double-checked this as well. I am thinking to deep dive in the code and send some fake data to see how it is encoded/decoded

It looks like hardware damage on the sending device that tool I posted helped a lot but it would be great is the app server also shows the raw data as it comes from the concetrator.

Opened an issue as a feature request

Yes, I saw that issue. Currently Iā€™m first working on some cleanup and refactoring of the code, but I do agree that having the raw base64 or hex payload could be helpful.