How to use filters


I have a gateway with udp packet forwarder and chirpstack gateway bridge installed.

I try to use net_ids and join_EUI filters…

Do you have a specific question? The configuration explains the syntax with examples:

Thank you for your reply.
I’m sorry but I accidentally sent the message.
I finally managed to set up filtering on my gateway.

I have installed ChirpStack Gateway Bridge inside a TTN / TTOG (Gemtek / Browan) gateway and update the /app/cfg/global_conf0.json with server : localhost ul_port : 1700 dl_port : 1700. I have also updated the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge configuration file with a link to our Cloud Network Server (ChirpStack). All is working well. I try to go a step further adding a NetID inside Network Configuration file (toml server) and inside Gateway Bridge configuration file (toml gateway) but it’s seems that nothing is filtering, I can see all the uplink frames around our gateway. I’m missing something in the configuration ?


We try to reduce data usage on our 4G backhaul.

Gateway : packet forwarder UDP and chirpsatck gateway bridge inside

global_conf.json :

“keepalive_interval”: 10,
“stat_interval”: 30,

Filtering : by NetID and JoinEUI ok

Now we stop all the devices and remove the antenna (868MHz).

Chirpstack-Gateway-Bridge logs show few frames (keepalive / stat) but we consume 5MB/day.

Consumption inherent to SIM = 300kB/day

keepalive/stat = 300kB/day

Someone have an idea about why we consume near 5MB /day.

Sending a gateway stat payload every 30 seconds is extremely frequent (yes, this is the default for many packet forwarders, but still). Do you need gateway stats that frequently? For cellular backhaul, I usually set it to every 15 minutes, or perhaps hourly. It will depend on the use case, of course.


Are you sure about that? Stat payloads from the Semtech packet forwarder are verbose.

KeepAlive/STAT = 300kB/day with KA = 60s & STAT = 60s

KA = 10s / STAT = 30s => ~7MB/day
KA = 60s / STAT = 60s => ~5MB/day
KA = 120s / STAT = 300s => ~5MB/day ???

We are working with our SIM supplier to analyze the traffic and understand the origin the 5MB/day.

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So doubling the keep-alive and stats delay results in the same usage? I do not believe your bandwidth reporting is accurate.

I don’t believe too…
I have check the traffic on the network server side with the MQTT broker via a subscribe to the concern gateway and i can see that the traffic is very low and in phase with the global_conf parameters. So the 5MB/day are not related to LoRaWAN traffic…