How to use the codec to rearrange the received data

Hello, I’m not writing to report a problem, but rather to get your opinion.
in a frame emitted by our objects, we have for example 5 data measured at time T, T-1 minute, T-2 minute, T-3 minute, …
then we use influxdb to store the data. my question is how to directly integrate the data with the correct date into influxdb?
currently we are using MQTT and a python script to reorganize the data, but it’s really not practical. is there a more correct way to do it? using kafka in between or whatever?
thank you in advance

I’m new here and not really an authority. Take me with a grain of salt :slight_smile:

What you can do on the codec is to decompose your data in a new object that then use js Date() to manipulate each data point.