How use or update GET /api/internal/branding

There is the path GET /api/internal/branding what is getting the
“footer”: “string”,
“logo”: “string”,
“registration”: “string”
but, how do i set it ? or the feature is not complete ? pull 169

It is a secret lora-app-server.yml config option :wink:

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What do we have to do to find out the secret options?

I know the name of the variables for the .yml files, but if @brocaar want to keep on secret will respect that.

Try this (add it to your lora-app-server.toml config file):

footer="I'm a footer"
registration="Put a registration link here"

You can also inject HTML code in these values, e.g. to make a clickable link. Note: this is not supported and might change at any time.


Hi @brocaar, can you explain how to set the logo secretly.

I found, you dropped this in favor of lora server logo. Do you have any plan to bring it back in latest release, it will be really awesome. Thanks in advance

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