Http integration timeout i/o error

Hi ,

I have http integration setup to my endpoint, the messages from device are not getting pusblished to my endpoint. Can you please help me in identifying the cause. Thank you.

This is my error:

| time=“2019-02-25T16:59:39Z” level=error msg=“handler *httphandler.Handler error: http request error: Post dial tcp i/o timeout”
| time=“2019-02-25T16:59:39Z” level=info msg=“finished unary call with code OK” grpc.code=OK grpc.method=HandleUplinkData grpc.request.deadline=“2019-02-25T16:59:10Z” grpc.service=as.ApplicationServerService grpc.start_time=“2019-02-25T16:59:09Z” grpc.time_ms=30009.832 peer.address=“” span.kind=server system=grpc
| time=“2019-02-25T16:59:54Z” level=info msg=“gateway: stat packet received” addr=“” mac=00800000axxxxxx
gatewaybridge868_1 | time=“2019-02-25T16:59:54Z” le

I think your setup was failed , you can watch my playlist to setup the loraserver again ^^ : Youtube

LoRa App Server can’t reach your integration endpoint which causes the connection to timeout. Please check your firewalls / network and if the endpoint is actually listening.

sorry about that, thanks.