HTTP Integration V4 to V3 conversion

Hi, I am trying to setup an HTTP integration between a 3rd party helium chirpstack server running the latest v4 software and a 3rd party tracking platform, but the tracking platform only appears to support chirpstack v3 format and they do not seem overly keen to update this. I only have basic access to both servers so unless I can do something with the javascript codec I presume the only thing I can do is create an HTTP integration link to myself, create a script to convert the format and send this up to the tracking platform. Or am I being as thick as a ?

I don’t think there’s anything official that would do this automatically, especially in the v4 → v3 direction. Your approach of writing something to receive, convert the data, and then pass it on sounds reasonable.

Thank you for your response. It seems a lot of effort to get it working so its nice to know there is nothing obvious that will fix this that I am overlooking. Hopefully it will only be a short term fix.

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