HTTPS, SSL certificates problem

Hi everyone.

First of all, I’m a newbie in this field.
I have a problem setting the ‘chirpstack-application-server’ certification part.
I am working on Windows Server 2008 R2 x64bit OS system.
I generated an SSL certificate with @brocaar script GitHub - brocaar/chirpstack-certificates: Scripts to generate certificates for the ChirpStack components. on Raspberry Pi 3.
And then I copied the full cert to my Windows server Folder.

I set the correct part of “chirpstack-application-server.toml”.

# CA certificate file (optional)
  # Use this when setting up a secure connection (when server uses ssl://...)
  # but the certificate used by the server is not trusted by any CA certificate
  # on the server (e.g. when self generated).
  ca_cert="C:\path of cert"

  # TLS certificate file (optional)
  tls_cert="C:\path of cert"

  # TLS key file (optional)
  tls_key="C:\path of cert"

When testing the HTTPS connection.
I get this error message on my browser:


Can anyone help solve this problem?

use path without drive letters look like this (in unix-like systems)
add/edit the system environment variable named PATH


Thanks for your advice.
Can you write an example of how to

add/edit the system environment variable named PATH ?

On windows system.

use google search, to find the examples.

Thanks for help and advices.
The server is works fine.

:slight_smile: you’re welcome :slight_smile: