Human Error on Application Deletion

Good morning brocaar,

In Lora-App-Server version 2.5.1, when I have a populated Application, the button “Delete” delete all devices in an application. I think this is a too easy manner to delete all devices in one time. May cause errors in case of human mistake. One suggestion is to double-confirm the deletion of an application with more than one device activated.



Please note that there is already this notification:


Maybe it could be more explicit like:

Are you sure you want to delete this application? This will also delete all devices part of this application.

If you would like to create a pull-request to improve this message, that would be appreciated :slight_smile: The source is located at:

Hi Brocaar

As i am new to git/github i wanted to try the pull-request. i did this with your message provided.
Hopefully is all good - if not, please let me know, then i can learn from my error

regards, Sil

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Brocaar, I will submit the pull-request.