Humor but also on-topic in my experience

From my perch, THIS place is a riot, but at the same time, really good introduction to the various psychological pathologies that some folks in my plant exhibit, just to less-vocal extent. That is, being aware that there are plenty of people that fear most what they understand the least, helps me be cognizant of (a) how/where I mount my gateways (blush) and (b) to proactively inform the workforce about new, safer & lower-power technologies and the benefits it brings.

I reassure everyone that these aren’t MegaWatt towers that the CIA uses to communicate with foreign spies; rather, these work on the same WiFi signal their phone does and use it to pick up data from temperature and relative humidity sensors that “run on two AA batteries for 5 years” - how can that signal do anything to you? I get a lot of (positive) mileage from truthful information.

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