I can't send frame to my sensor


during my internship i want to send some data to my lorawan sensor using chirpstack “queue” functionnality.
I use the REST APi to send my hexa data, for example : “090def8ff400”. The value appears correctly in the web interface queue. When the frame is sent, the value in “frm_payload” is not the same.

Could you tell me what operations were carried out on the data that would explain these changes?

The frm_payload is encrypted as per LoRaWAN standards.

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The downlink data will be decoded in your node.

But i don’t click on “is encrypted yes”
or it’s another encryption?

The “is encrypted” box means you’ve already encrypted it and it should be sent as-is. You probably don’t want that. The LNS will encrypt and send it for you.

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thank you for your answer!