I don't know how to acquire the ApplicationID when using mqtt

When I use lorawan gateway to connect my chirpstack, and by using MQTT BOX to publish date , but I don’t know how to acquire the application id,
application/[ApplicationID]/device/[DevEUI]/command/downIn the doc, it says that " TheApplicationIDcan be retrieved using the API or from the web-interface, this is not theAppEUI` !
but how to get it? Could you please help me ?
Thank you very much!

Log into your chirpstack web-interface at http://blah:8080 and navigate to any of your devices. Then, look at the ADDRESS line of your browser, just after “applications/”.

For me, using Opera, that’s:

Your number will depend on how many times you’ve clicked “CREATE” in Application page.

I didn’t find this very intuitive either - that’s saying something as I grew up on and still use vi as editor of choice :slight_smile: See my other ‘discoveries’ on this very topic HERE.

Thank you very much for your reply, and I can’t find the application too, maybe my chirpstack version is too old? My screen is list below, please help me to check it whether
it is correct, thank you again!

So, the address line does not appear the applications sign, so could you please help me again? By the way, I use the GitHub - gotthardp/lorawan-server: Compact server for private LoRaWAN networks version for lorawan test, it seems too old for this .Thank you!

If you move to ChirpStack, I may be able to help. Unfortunately, for me ChirpStack is only a small “cog” in a larger SCADA system I administer.

I selected ChirpStack specifically to migrate existing sensors from TTN when they “lost their way” and made V3 too darn difficult for mere humans to comprehend. For comparison, it took me ~1 day to register 4 gateways and 50-60 sensors on V2, but I spent one solid Saturday trying to register one Laird RG191 gateway on TTI V3 stack and made ZERO progress. Then TTN disabled adding sensors & gateways to V2 in June, so I decided that day to dump TTN entirely and move my sensors to intranet ChirpStack. I’m glad I did.

Hi fmgst,
Thank you anyway, and I just use the Chirpstack, my screenshot is just the chirpstack’s dash board controller screen, I doubt my version is too old, so I decide to change it to a higher version, then I will try it, thank you very much for your kind help ,thank you!