I need help with visitor tracking system


I have a client who needs a visitor tracking solution for his very big area.
The solution will have Map view and Dashboard view where it will show the aggregate data and detailed data for the visitors’ tracking and must be hosted in the secured on-premises infrastructure, and not in the cloud.

There are many more specific requirements that I can share if anyone is interested.

The client has the following devices from Dragino: gateways (DLOS8N), BLE iBeacon (ibeacon), and Bluetooth Tracker (TrackerD).

Can anyone inform me which company can provide me the complete solution that meets the requirements and can be integrated with Dragino products?


I would not recommend using toys like TrackerD in production. Professionnal solutions like Wanesy Wave are probably a (much) better option.

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TrackD node captures the BLE advertisement.
BLE advertisement implies the location with 25m accuraccy.

ChirpStack needs to link with ThingsBoard.
Then ThingsBoard will display the location in the Map Widget.

Of course, you need to do a bit of work to map the location from BLE to the map.

@MSalman This is the initial guide to use Dragino Gateway and Dragino TrackerD for ChirpStack v4.

LPS8(N) and DLOS8(N)


Hope it helps.

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