IC880 blow fuse?

After my Raspberry Pi3 +iC880 gateways was working for several months it stopped to work.
The problem is deferentially on the ic880 because the yellow status led is off line. After changing the power supply i started measuring and probing the pcb. I believe that for some reason the fuse (i am 99% sure that is a fuse) that provides the current for the voltage regulator for the SX1301 is blown. When i provide 5V to the test pin after the fuse, the status led of the ic880 is power on.
Does anyone know what would be a replacement part for the fuse?

I think the fastest path is to contact IMST :slight_smile: https://shop.imst.de/wireless-modules/lora-products/8/ic880a-spi-lorawan-concentrator-868-mhz.

Please do share their advice! It could be helpful to others.

The reply that they cannot specify the part number but is not a fuse.
I will remove it and bridge it with a wire.
Time will tell what will be the effect of the ic880

Above the damaged part is a part with 6 pins.
It could be a voltage regulator. Can you read the text on it? If yes google for the manufacturer data sheet. There you will find sample schematics. And maybe you can identify your damaged part.

PS: there is a document on IMST homepage describing a USB modification of the iC880. In an graphic you see your part with text “BL21”.