Improvement suggestion for OpenID connect

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Would be great if the page /#/login could redirect to /auth/oidc/login when the auth is set to OpenID connect.

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Couldn’t this cause some confusion?

For example, if I would give you a link to a ChirpStack instance for which you need to login using OIDC you will get the /#/login screen with a login button to login.

If it would automatically redirect, you will be suddenly redirected to an domain (as an example) to provide your credentials without showing a ChirpStack page first. Wouldn’t this be confusing if you don’t pay attention to the initial link you clicked on?

It could. But if the Auth screen is done correctly, this shouldn’t be confusing.

I also tried to make a redirect with NGINX to customize this login entry page and have a “connect” button but it is tricky with /#/

Maybe in that case it could be a configuration option? I think that is better. Depending the auth backend, users are redirected to a complete different environment so I think it is better when this is an opt-in feature.

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