IMST LiteGateway requires config every time

I have a recent (2 weeks order) IMST Lite Gateway unit and I’m having issues with ChirpStackOS using the “raspberry 1” image (the gateway has an old raspberry in it…)

Specifically what I see is that to get the concentrator running every time I boot the unit I have to run “setup gateway-config” and always select i880a, EU868, gpio 24.

If I don’t do this step … the monit status is telling me that the concentrator is missing.

So I’ve found this thread which has the same problem:

but things are a bit different:

  1. my gpio is 24 (I did check manually with a reset script and I see the red LED on the concentrator to blink only if I select 24)

  2. I do not see any reset script under /etc/init.d using the lastest ChirpstackOS image for raspberry-1

any hint?

how can I automatically run the proper configuration at boot so that the gateway works also on power cycle?


and note: after I do the setup gateway-config I can receive packets and the unit seems to work fine.

The first place to look are the logs :slight_smile: