Include GW Location into http-->thingsboard Integration?

Hi guys and thanks for the cool opensource chirpstack. I am fascinated how huge it is.

I am happy that i managed to get my data from chirpstack to thingsboard CE. I used the integration from chirpstack.
From what i see, the gateway data is not forwarded to thinksboard. (Like gatewayEUI, Location etc).
Is this correct? Or or could i get the gps data of the gateway into the message sended to thingsboard to show sensors on a map?

Thanks a lot
Wolf from Hamburg

Yes, Gateway data is not forwarded to the thinksboard.

You need to do a custom code to transfer gateway data to the thinksboard.

Hi Sagarpatel,

Custom code where? In the uplink decoder? How to add variables there?
Or in the code of the chirpstack (so taking the sourcecode and changing it)?

Thanks a lot

You need to change the code of the chirpstack, not the uplink the decoder.

ok, seems to be the solution…

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