Incoming uplinks from other devices - Logs getting clogged


I have a couple of gateway devices connected to two MQTT servers sending sensor information.

My issue is that these gateways seem to be getting filled with log messages of uplinks of the other gateways, when the MQTT topics are only linked to those of that particular gateway and when its supposed to only get the uplinks and frames of what its being sent to it. This causes the logs to be filled insanely fast and getting filled pretty quickly making it so that the logs get huge in size faster than the logrotate rotates them.

I got help setting up the MQTT and if I get rid of one of the MQTT brokers then apparently it doesn’t happen anymore but I’m not sure how its related considering the messages appear on Chirpstack Network Server.

Any help is appreciated!

Gateways should not receive messages from other gateways. However, it is possible that you are receiving uplinks from devices that are not yours. The best way to avoid this is to use a NetID and to configure a filter on the gateway to drop uplinks that do not match your NetID.


Hello. Thanks for your answer!

I’ve been using Mosquitto as the MQTT broker and had a main configuration pointed at a main server and a secondary (local) one through the conf.d directory of the Mosquitto service. Apparently once the local one was enabled, the messages started the uplinks/unknow gateway messages started appearing but I can’t really tell what the trigger is because it happens to some and not others. I’ve been seeing that changing the Mosquitto configuration seems to fix the issue but only if I am pointing to one server. Probably the topic I am subscribing to is the same as a topic in the .toml files?

Where can I see/find the NetID? I don’t think I’ve seen it before.


The NetIDs are in toml file in /etc/chirpstack.