Influxdb cloud integration error

after filling in API endpoint address (might be wrong or not possible) organization ID, Token and Bucket i get following error log on my chirpstack docker:

2023-04-17 15:47:31 2023-04-17T13:47:31.478848Z ERROR chirpstack::integration: Uplink event error application_id=8a860e87-2b5e-45f4-83b3-463c74c63e39 error=HTTP status client error (405 Method Not Allowed) for url (InfluxDB)

do i need to setup a local influx DB?

i have tried to use the "actual name " for the bucket and organization, and i have tried to use the generated ID for bucket (f.example 139d96f104927721 for ID of the bucket )

im using influx Cloud (IOx)

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