InfluxDB / Grafana - Spreadingfactor

Hello at all

i have a question to the influxDB Part of Chirpstack Integration.
as the documentation says, informations like SF are stored as DR in de device_uplink meassurement. i want to draw e graph in Grafana, which shows the history of SF/DR.

As the DR filed is a tag, i have problems with the influxDB querry - does anyone knows, how to do such a select? InfluxDB says, you can’t use selects on tags only - so you need a field (for example value).

So if anyone could tell me, how to do the influx querry, i would be very happy.

thanks in advance,

for example: select dr,snr,rssi from device_uplink
but you need to know the your actual measurement names and tags
anyway refer to
in grafana you need to specify right tags and field names while creating dashboard panels.

hey, thx
thats a solution i can use. i was hoping to have it without field - but i can set the filed value to hidden in grafana.

regards, sil