Influxdb Integration Error with Decimals

I’m having problems with chirpstack influxdb integration. Simply, I want to export temperature and humidity values ​​into grafana.

when i examining Device Data Packets from Chirpstack web UI,
In Applications/X_APPP/Devices/DHT22,

These values are ok with decimals.

But, these values ​​are recorded to influxdb with missing decimal precision:

Can you help me, please?

I’m not sure if I understand your issue. The ChirpStack screenshot shows Temperature 3.5, I see the same value in the list of temperature values in your InfluxDB screenshot. So that seems fine?

Thank you, you can see temperature values with different decimal precision values in chirpstack and influxdb:


Are you sure this is not a presentation issue in your InfluxDB WorkBench application?

Thank you very much, it is a presentation issue.