InfluxDB Integration saving uplink meta-data, but not payload

I’m currently developing a project involving LoRaWAN sensors. My aim is to display the received data in a Grafana dashboard.
To do this I’m experimenting with the InfluxDB integration.
For every message received from the sensors an entry is created in a measurement called “device_uplink”, this contains the uplink metadata.
Unfortunately no other entry is done in InfluxDB, so I don’t have the payload saved outside of LoRa Server.

For the payload codec I’ve tried “None”, “Cayenne LPP”, and “Custom JavaScript codec functions”. The last one is the more successful one, because for the first two not even the entry for the uplink metadata is created.

The current Javascript function I’m using is the following:

function Decode(fPort, bytes) {
  return {"status":bytes};

I’m not actually decoding the payload at this step because only 2 types of messages can be sent from the sensors. I can interpret the message later in the pipeline, but to do this I need the payload to be saved in InfluxDB.

Do you have any suggestion regarding what I could do to fix this problem?