InfluxDB integration (v4, protobuf)


I have installed ChirpStack v4 with docker and using a gateway with bridge v3, I get messages from end nodes with protobuf formatting through MQTT.

Now, I’m looking to integrate InfluxDB v2.7.0. The device profiles codec return a dummy value for test purposes, I see it on the Events windows and the decoded uplink reaches mosquitto.

The influxDB v2 integration is done in the application with bucket and token configured, the docker bridge IP is used for the API.

Where should I look to understand why the payload is not written on influxDB?


Best would be to inspect the ChirpStack logs for integration errors in this case.

Thank you for your reply!

I was not running InfluxDB on the same docker’s network… The integration works as expected:)

Do you know if it is possible to modify the field name of a returned value and add a tag (retrieved from the payload parameter)?