Initial Setup of lora module

Hi Everyone. I have just started work with Lora ( I am an amateur). I bought two module. I wanted to make a link between two microcontrollers( STM32L152re). I read sx1278 datasheet . I didnt do any changing LoRa’s default configurations. I made 8 byte payload length on both sides, single packet receiving on receiver side. But I cant read anything from receiver side…What should I make change on configurations? Thank you…


It seems you’r using peer 2 peer lora communication between two module, in this case, my opinion that is not the good place to discuss about it. Go to ST community in order to explain your issue.

Else we need more information about your loraserver installation…

Thank you Julien. I dont think that problem is in microcontroller. As I can read register adresses of LoRa. I wanted to know which registers I have to configure for simple communication …Thank you again

Really this is not the right place to discuss about it.

Go to ==> and download in get software "I-cube-lrwan

Here, you will find a ping-pong example between two STM32L152RE (with lora radio expansion board of course)

In my opinion you should close this topic because there is no issue regarding the loraserver .

Have good day