Inlfuxdb Cloud support on latest commit

Hello, I’m testing the new commit of the Application Server on InfluxDB v2 OSS and works fine. I tried the integration with an InfluxDB Cloud account but it is not working. I can’t find if there is any log at all.

Tried with targeting the API endpoint to the Influxdb cloud region URL.

And if it is supported, what plugin is used for data ingestion into the bucket? Seems that influxdb Cloud only supports Telegraf plugins.

Thank you

Nevermind, didn’t see that there was a write API doc for InfluxDB Cloud

Hi @cyoncon , can you help me?
I’m trying to add influxdb v2 on my AppServer as well, but I dont get it how I can do it. I know theres a git commit to it, but Im newbie on that git stuff :frowning:

Hello, you will have to build from source code:

Easiest way is with a docker image>
Clone the git
then: docker build …
Then youll have to update the docker-compose.yml to use the image just built.
Restart docker compose