Install ChirpStack Application Server on Multitech gateway

Hello everyone,

I am trying to install ChirpStack Application Server on my Multitech gateway. Here is configurations of my gateway:

  • Model: L4E1-270L (EU)
  • mLinux: 5.1.8
  • mCard: MTAC-LORA-G16-868

Following this installation guide:, I now have ChirpStack Gateway Bridge, packet-forwarder and network server running on the gateway.

Now, I would like to have ChirpStack application server running on the gateway but the guide above doesn’t mention how to do it.

I’m quite sure the application server can be installed on Multitech gateway according to Unable to start Multitech gateway bridge

I salut any suggestions from you.

Best regards,
Le Vu

You can’t install ChirpStack App Server, Network server, postgresql etc. on that platform.
Only chirpstack-gateway-bridge and lora-packet-forwarder. other components must be installed at other side.

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Hi eugenev,

Now I understand that I must install ChirpStack application network on another machine/platform.
I will establish it on a Ubuntu virtual machine instead.

Thanks for your clear answer.

Best regards,
Le Vu

You are quite right.

i understand the fact it’s not “network architecturaly” nice to do that but could it possible to describe why exactly?
hardware requirements?
software weak?

this equipment is simply not suitable to run it.
and primarily the hardware and not a network architecture