Install Chirpstack-Concentradord

I’m trying to do things by small steps here kkk.
I was able to install the docker / docker-compose (the old Windows machine was having a problem, I had to do an Ubuntu environment)
I made the git clone only from Concentradord
I accessed the created folder and executed:

# Compile ARMv7hf binary
make build-armv7hf-release

These files were generated as described in:

Binaries are located under target / {ARCHITECTURE} / release

however I don’t know what to do with these files.
I can’t find a type of installed or something to perform the installation on the rasp

What are you trying to achieve?
What concentrator chip are you planning to work with?
I think that a good way to start getting your hands-on is in taking a look at how chirpstack-concentrator is installed in chirpstack-gateway-os, specifically checking what’s inside do_install() method at:

In there you can find what’s the process after compiling package.

If you are using a gateway model that it’s supported by chirsptack-concentratord such kerlink-ifemtocell or multitech-conduit, then, would be awesome to check:

I just wanted to test it on raspbian.
I’m setting up a gateway (rasp0-Wifi + rhf0m301 +bme280(i2c)+ ublox neo 6m + 4g modem)
I need to use the raspberry0-wifi for its energy consumption, I’m using a solar plate and lithium batteries for power.
I tried to use the Os-gateway, but some components are missing that I need (ex: Python-pip).
I am now compiling the gateway-OS with some modifications, but I would like to learn how to install concentratord in distributions outside gateway-OS

Hi Alfredo,
Did you ever get this working? I too am looking at Concentratord with modifications and run outside of gateway-OS.

Hi, I tested only a few modifications within the gatewayOS. I was unable to install the concentratord in another distro

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I installed concentratord as in ic880a-gateway following the readme.

only changes I did (once installed in /opt/ttn-gateway) was to change the two config files.

in local_conf.json watch foe the gateway_ID (must be the correct one of your unit)
“gateway_conf”: {
“gateway_ID”: “B827EBFFFECD7CA2”,
“servers”: [
“server_address”: “”,
“serv_port_up”: 1700,
“serv_port_down”: 1700,
“serv_enabled”: true
“ref_latitude”: 45,
“ref_longitude”: 10.
“ref_altitude”: 100,
“contact_email”: “”,
“description”: “my-ic880a”

in START.SH you need to put the right GPIO, in my case it is 24 (this unit is the LGW from imst in which I swapped the raspberry with a proper 3B+ !!)

#! /bin/bash

# Reset iC880a PIN
echo "$SX1301_RESET_BCM_PIN"  > /sys/class/gpio/export 
echo "out" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$SX1301_RESET_BCM_PIN/direction 
echo "0"   > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$SX1301_RESET_BCM_PIN/value 
sleep 0.1  
echo "1"   > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$SX1301_RESET_BCM_PIN/value 
sleep 0.1  
echo "0"   > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$SX1301_RESET_BCM_PIN/value
sleep 0.1
echo "$SX1301_RESET_BCM_PIN"  > /sys/class/gpio/unexport 

# Test the connection, wait if needed.
while [[ $(ping -c1 2>&1 | grep " 0% packet loss") == "" ]]; do
  echo "[TTN Gateway]: Waiting for internet connection..."
  sleep 30

I’m in the same boat, just wanna try concentratord. Couldn’t get it to compile directly on pi… but did get it to xcompile on windows, thought about dragging into place and try a make install, although probably a bad idea. Not trying to bork everything up. Definitely not about to reimage my os and reconfigure everything for an app stack… or reverse through the install script… I really despise how all these iot stacks are being released as entire os images… rak, chirp, home assistant, etc etc. Same reason I don’t plan on trying home assistant… not gonna replace my os just for an app…