Installation problem Multitech and chirpstack

Hello every body,

I have a multitech gateway Ip67 . This gateway come with mlinux and AEP firmwares. Nevertheless, I start on chirpstack website following the instructions on downloading gateway bridge, network server, application server. I tried several time to connect these to the gateway , but I could not. I thought maybe because my gateway does not access to the internet, Hence I make my gateway access to the internet , In addition I installed another chirpstack gateway bridge and packet forwarder on the gateway itself following the instruction of gateway installation in the following link:

Note: I lost the AEP firmware of the multitech gateway after that done. when it was there, at least I could make an example lora server receiving data from a node, where lora server and packet forwarder was embedded to the system and setting gateway parameters was easy by the AEP firmware.

However, currently, the multitech gateway is connected to the internet and have both gateway bridge and packet forwarder, in the same time the chirpstack-gateway bridge , netwrok server , and application server are all installed. but I still can not see my gateway online on the application server.

on another side, I lost the AEP firmware of the gate and only have the mlinux and I can not find the configration file of setting up the gateway keys: or example: Application key, session Key , gateway key and other related.

please, help