Integrate Chirpstack Project to Azure

Hi @brocaar ,
I have an Ubuntu 20.04 running Chirpstack Gateway Bridge, Chirpstack Network Server and Chirpstack Network Application all on a single virtual machine.

I still dont have a clear workflow on how this will work and how to get my uplink data on Chirpstack to be ingested by Azure IOT Hub because at the end I hope to integrate this Chirpstack setup to Azure to publish the device data with the payload.

Thanks for helping.

ChirpStack provides an Azure service-bus integration:

Would this be sufficient for your use-case?

Hi Brocaar,

Correct me if I’m wrong, from what I study, we just need three connection strings which is events_connection_string & commands_connection_string to be configured on Chirpstack Network Server.toml and Azure Service Bus connection string to be configured on Chirpstack Application Server.toml.

One more device connection string to be set at Chirpstack gateway bridge.toml,
Am I on the right path ?

Ivan Loke

Am I at the correct direction

If you just want to push the device data into Azure, then this is what you need:

ChirpStack v3 supported connecting gateways through IoT Hub to ChirpStack, e.g.:

GW -> IoT Hub MQTT ingress -> Service Bus -> ChirpStack NS -> ChirpStack AS -> Service Bus

However, I would recommend using (v4):

GW -> MQTT -> ChirpStack -> Service Bus

It is a lot easier and I have seen issues where the IoT Hub as GW ingress became an issue with regards to latency and throttling (based on the used service tier, some customers reported throttling on the downlink path).