Integrate JoinServer API using gRPC


I’m currently working on implementing our own Application Server in Python using gRPC as specified here:

I’m a bit stuck on how the join server works now. In the as.proto file there is a JoinRequestRequest message but no JoinRequest method and I can’t find any js.proto file.
I dont really know GO, but it seems that you implemented that function here and start it here as a simple HTTP server. The loraserver then POST’s a simple JSON to this server.

Is this correct? In that case I just need to provide a HTTP endpoint from python? Can I specify something like ‘localhost:8000/api/join-server’? Why is this not done the same way as the AS using gRPC?

Thanks for your help!

The JoinRequestRequest and Response will be removed in the future version. I forgot to clean them up and they are unused. Note that the join-server protocol is now defined by the LoRaWAN Backend Interfaces specification:

Basically it defines a JSON (REST-ish) interface over HTTP. Therefore there won’t be any js.proto file. However I do provide structs for Go for these payloads: