Integrate Packet Multiplexer

Hi @brocaar

Would it be possible to have on the GW OS the chirpstack-packet-multiplexer binary on board (no need this one to be enabled) but just to have it. Like that, no need to build it on another machine/computer selecting correct target (3, 4 Zero, …)


Humm not sure this is relevant, forgot that this is for chirpstack mainly, so no `legacy’ packet forwarder, just wanted to send packet to the local chirpstack and another clouded (TTN or other Chirpstack) but concentratord does not talk as “legacy” packet forwarder.

My main goal was to replace this old setup with new Gateway OS to works as “classic” LoRa Gateway, but looks like more complicated than I expected

I haven’t had time for this yet, but the intention of Concentratord is to be protocol agnostic. In case of the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge, it will forward the Concentratord messages as-is over MQTT. My plan is to also implement an UDP forwarder front-end for the Concentratord. If that is ready, I think it makes sense to include this in the GW OS images.

This would also allow you to run the Chirpstack Gateway Bridge and the “UDP forwarder” simultaneously, or even multiple “UDP forwarder” instances simultaneously, obsoleting the multiplexer :slight_smile: