Integrate to RabbitMQ

I am trying sent to AMQ.TOPIC broker of RabbitMQ, registered device’s message on chirpstack AS.

i found this section in confiuration file of Chirpstack AS.

  # AMQP / RabbitMQ.
  # Server URL.
  # See for a specification of all the possible options:
  # url="amqp://guest:guest@localhost:5672"

  # Event routing key template.
  # This is the event routing-key template used when publishing device
  # events. Messages will be published to the "amq.topic" exchange.
  # event_routing_key_template="application.{{ .ApplicationID }}.device.{{ .DevEUI }}.event.{{ .EventType }}"

  event_routing_key_template="application.{{ .1 }}.device.{{ .1000000000001001 }}.event.{{ .up }}"

but amq.topic cant listen my configuration. Someone did this solution ?

Please note that the default template application.{{ .ApplicationID }}.device.{{ .DevEUI }}.event.{{ .EventType }} will automatically substitute .ApplicationID etc… with the actual values. I would recommend keeping the default value unless there is a really specific need to change them. Still then you can only use the .ApplicationID, .DevEUI and .EventType fields.