Integrated Postgre Database missing Data

I’m currently attempting to use an integrated database with the chirpstack application server db, and use the integrated db on grafana. I attempted to make a new panel with the data on grafana and it kept showing me no data. I set up pgAdmin and looked into deeper into what is being stored in the tables, and the only table that seems to be full of data is the device_error table. device_location is completely empty, anyone have experience with this or thoughts on what might be causing it?

In which case it would be interesting to see what kind of errors this table contains :wink: It might give you a clue or two about why the other tables are empty.

The error text is mostly frame counter errors that don’t happen every time, so I’m still not sure why device_location is not being populated. What table in the chirpstack_as db is the location data stored?
Thanks for your response.