Integration Application Server with PostgreSQL

Hello! Could you please help me. I try to use PostgreSQL to store data from devices.
I have version of Chirpstack-application-server:
I corrected chirpstack-application-server.toml next way
enabled=[“mqtt”, “postgresql”]


And I have next error:
root@SRV1F5MKYREP9:~# Nov 13 11:20:26 SRV1F5MKYREP9 chirpstack-application-server[5627]: time=“2019-11-13T11:20:26+03:00” level=error msg=“integration/multi: integration error” ctx_id=eb525270-1dee-4df9-bd88-891ff48a1af7 error=“insert error: pq: unsupported Unicode escape sequence” integration="*postgresql.Integration"
What can be wrong?

Hello Guys,

I’ m using Application Server (version 3.7.1) with PostgreSQL integration. I created the new tables and the integration is working properly.

I need to do a test where all uplink packages reveived by application must be acked by a downlink message content the same payload data of uplink received.

I would like use only PostgreSQL to do this. Creating a Trigger in the “device_up” table (before an insertion). Then this Trigger start a function to insert the nedded fields into the “device_queue” table.

For this I see some problems.

  • I don’t have the downlink frame counter information in database
  • I have the payload content at field “data” on “device_up” table but I need the encrypt this to put at field “frm_payload” on “device_queue” table.

Any way to solve this into the PostgreSQL?


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