Integration between ThingsBoard and LoRaServer

Hi, I encountered some problems about the LoRaServer integrate to ThingsBoard. I followed the instructions on chirpstack but still can’t working. In this guide, I use cloud.thingsboard ThingsBoard with Professional Edition not download the ThingsBoard in Docker. But the data can’t display on ThingsBoard.
I already add a variable named ThingsBoardAccessToken and with as value the content from clipboard (containing the ThingsBoard Device Access Token ) and the server i put http://host:9090.

I’m looking for some guidance and help.Got any suggestion?Thanks.

Add:The log error Message
level=error msg=“integration/multi: integration error” ctx_id=1a9a8e9d-245e-47be-bb21-50e6cf1950f2 error=“send event error: http request error: Post http://thingsboard:9090/api/v1/f1bieAw3DzNJjWd5ZfWp/attributes: dial tcp: lookup thingsboard on no such host” integration="*thingsboard.Integration"

What should I set on the Thingsboard Server Side if I didn’t download the thingsboard on docker?

If I set the server:http//host:9090
The Log:
level=warning msg=“integration/thingsboard: device does not have a ‘ThingsBoardAccessToken’ variable” ctx_id=d5734bb1-68b0-4af2-8064-5bfa74d6f0b0 dev_eui=b5178aa9540c3b5c


I have same issue here, I not sure which host I need to use. I’m also using the cloud version.
On TB, in “Intégrations” menu it is possible to add integration and select “chirpstack” for the “type”, after TB give a new URL (such as")
I try with this URL, but nothing seem to go to TB…

Where did you find the error log you posted ?