Integration for beginners

Hi everyone,
do you suggest any start point for beginner to setup first easy integration for free?
I have dozen devices registered in my chirpstack network. I tried make MQTT to work, but I can’t generate certificate with docker so far even to follow step by step the procedure.
I used before Tago Io and his Integration was easy to me to setup.
I would solve my issue with Mqtt and then have visible data devices on Home Assistant as done before with TTN where it was easy by putting only an API token in the integration Mqtt and so decode and see the data.
Probably would be better to install Ubuntu on a server instead of Docker under Windows: there are lot of video procedure to get certificate on Ubuntu, but Docker

Thank you,

If you want to keep things easy, you could start without using a MQTT certificate :slight_smile: Once that works, look into the MQTT (client)certificate configuration.

Ok, thank you: since a couple of weeks ago I did some progress, Mqtt is working and I can get all the topic data even using the codec that for many sensors is published.
Next step I would make the Mqtt integration more secure, with authentication, to avoid any intrusion


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