Integration help

Apologies if this has been asked before but I havent been able to find an exact answer.

I am using Chirpstack on a Kerlink gate way and have a temperature sensor connected and receiving data via LoRawan.

I am trying to set up the integration to Node Red.

I can see a few people using MQTT however my gateway is not always internet facing so will not always be able to access the broker.

I think http is the next best option to try.

In my gateway ip address is, gives me access to chirpstack interface, gives access to nodered.

I have set up my http integration to even endpoint, i have not added a header.

In node red i have set up GET

I am not getting anything through.

Can anyone help me with this? Should I also add a headder?

Does anyone have screen grabs of a similar setup?




  1. You can use MQTT integration, because the link is done between the NS and Node-RED, so you do not connect to the GW.
  2. CS is POSTing data to the endpoint, so you need to set POST for your Node-Red.
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Thank you Jerome73. I did make some progress in Node-RED using the MQTT in node and the topic application/+/device/+/event/+ from this link: Node-RED integration - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation.

However the same link also directs me to update the palette with node-red-contrib-chirpstack. I tried this but it seemed to crash the gateway and I had to carry out a restore and go through the terminal commands to reinstall chirpstack. Now my gateway is always saying it is off line so I am a step behind where I was. Is there an additional command I am missing to Edge computing | KerOS 6 ( to enable the gateway to go online?