Integration of LoRaWAN Gateway with Azure IoT Hub

Hello ChirpStack Community,

I am currently working on a LoRaWAN project and using the WaveShare Raspberry Pi HAT (Semtech SX1302 868 LoRaWAN Gateway). I have installed the ChirpStack Gateway OS and I’m excited to integrate it with Azure IoT Hub for data routing to the cloud.

Integration Goal: My main objective is to achieve seamless data communication from LoRaWAN devices to Azure IoT Hub. I want to send sensor data and other relevant information as JSON payloads to Azure IoT Hub for further processing and analytics.

Current Setup:

  1. Hardware: WaveShare Raspberry Pi HAT (Semtech SX1302 868 LoRaWAN Gateway)
  2. Software: ChirpStack Gateway OS

Challenges and Requirements:

  1. I am new to integrating ChirpStack with Azure IoT Hub, and I’m looking for guidance on the best approach to achieve this integration.
  2. I want to ensure secure data transmission between ChirpStack Network Server and Azure IoT Hub.
  3. I need assistance in setting up the ChirpStack Gateway OS to establish communication with my LoRaWAN devices.

Azure IoT Hub: I have already set up Azure IoT Hub in my Azure account. Currently, we are using MQTT to send data from other devices to the cloud. Now, we want to extend this capability to include LoRaWAN devices.

Use Case: The data sent to Azure IoT Hub will be used for various applications, including real-time monitoring, analytics, and device management.

Request for Guidance:

  1. I am seeking recommendations on how to configure the ChirpStack Gateway OS to communicate with my LoRaWAN devices and the Azure IoT Hub.
  2. What are the options for data routing from ChirpStack Network Server to Azure IoT Hub?
  3. Can MQTT be used for this data routing process?

Thank you for your time and assistance. I look forward to your valuable insights and recommendations.

Best regards, Abhithlal

There is no direct Azure IoT Hub integration, but you can send data into an Azure Service Bus. Would work for you too?

Thank you for the prompt response. Will this feature be available in the next version or future releases?

I do not have this on my backlog, but I’m open for pull-requests to add this. Or if this is urgent, please reach out to me by e-mail and we can discuss this further.

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