Integration options for downlink to edge devices

What are the options available for downlink commands sent to edge devices?

The chirpstack-application-server has a a GUI within the dashboard for queueing downlink data. But I would need something more automated. My ideal integration would be an influxDB database that acts a “queue” for a particular device. Upon reception of an uplink, chirpstack queries a bucket and sends the frame it finds, if any. This would be proceed as class A polling.

Another integration would be MQTT. Ideally, i send the downlink frame at any time, then chirpstack maintains an internal queue of these awaiting a device’s polling window.

Are these integrations available, or something similar? thank you.

I think for these use-cases, it would be best to implement an application or script which performs these actions for you. E.g. you could use Node-RED to build a flow which on uplink enqueues a downlink (if needed) through the ChirpStack API.

Hello brocaar,

I found this article below on python API. I think I will try it, then post any developments if this works.

The linked code does not function. I will be making a new thread about it.