Integration Password Error with PostgreSQL

I’m attempting to set-up postgre with grafana, and running into an issue. I’ve followed this guide but I’m getting the error
level=warning msg=“integration/postgresql: ping PostgreSQL database error, will retry in 2s” error=“pq: password authentication failed for user “appserver””
Here is my application server config file, and I have verified that the postgre user, password, and db are correct.

MQTT integration backend.

# MQTT topic templates for the different MQTT topics.
# The meaning of these topics are documented at:
# The following substitutions can be used:
# * "{{ .ApplicationID }}" for the application id.
# * "{{ .DevEUI }}" for the DevEUI of the device.
# Note: the downlink_topic_template must contain both the application id and
# DevEUI substitution!
uplink_topic_template="application/{{ .ApplicationID }}/device/{{ .DevEUI }}/rx"
downlink_topic_template="application/{{ .ApplicationID }}/device/{{ .DevEUI }}/tx"
join_topic_template="application/{{ .ApplicationID }}/device/{{ .DevEUI }}/join"
ack_topic_template="application/{{ .ApplicationID }}/device/{{ .DevEUI }}/ack"
error_topic_template="application/{{ .ApplicationID }}/device/{{ .DevEUI }}/error"
status_topic_template="application/{{ .ApplicationID }}/device/{{ .DevEUI }}/status"
location_topic_template="application/{{ .ApplicationID }}/device/{{ .DevEUI }}/location"


problem here can be that you have dsn=postgres… under [application_server.integration.mqtt] which is wrong.
Postgres integration have to be listed under [application_server.integration.postgresql], so if you used default config template you probably have dsn="" under that part of config, which results in error.


Thanks, worked like a charm!