Integration to InfluxDB 2.x

I think that there is an error in the integration to InfluxDB 2.x forms. I added all the needed data for integration to this version and submitted it, but when I opened the integration edition form to InfluxDB, I saw that this edit form is to be for version 1.x rather than version 2.x. Because this form needs a name and password instead of a token and a database name instead of the bucket name.

Which version are you running? Could it be Changelog - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation ?

4.1.1. OK, so I need to upgrade to the latest verssion.

Hmm, where is the newest version?

I see only the 4.1.1 version

But you point me out on the version bigger than in the documentation (4.42) and I see there is even the version 4.5.0. Where they are? How to install the latest over existing instalation of Gateway OS?