Integration with TheThingsNetwork (TTN) using NetIDs

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We are planning to deploy Thermometers for a high-scool project to study temperature variations in our area, and study the influence of plants in lowering the temperature rise in an urban are.

Is there official documentation how to integrate Chirpstack to TheThingsNetwork (TTN) ? I am running two public gateways connected to TTN and I want to use Chirpstack. The reason why using Chirpstack is that we will be using more than 10 devices and need frequent data fetch (in compliance with OTA). As this is a school project we wan to lower the cost especially on log term (ex: 10 years) as we may or may not have a budget.

I understand that I need a special NetID and a certificate. I am running Chipstack with Docker. I received a certificate but I lost the NetID.

I am getting quite confused about the process. I would appreciate someone running Chiptstack with TTN to explain the configuration needed.

The certificate received looks like:

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Hi, If I understood you well you want to connect Chirpstack with TTN and use the data that come from the gateways taht are connected to TTN. That is not possible, unless you own a netID , you can only offload to TTN. btw. a NetID is not cheap, aproximately 800 euro a year.

Unless you want to connect your gateways to both TTN and your chirpstack LNS, the alternative is to connect your gateways to your owen chirpstack instance and your cirpstack instance to TTN packet broker to offload any traffic that is not for your own LNS.

I hope this explains a bit.

Then I think you can just use ChirpStack.
TTN is not needed.

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Or if the gateways are using the UDP Packet Forwarder, you could put the Packet Multiplexer between the gateways and TTN and ChirpStack:

That way gateway data can be sent to both TTN and ChirpStack and you can use both.